Melissa Clauson


Product, Brand and Promo Specialist, Salmon Citizen Scientist, POP! Culture Nerd, Beekeeper & Urban Farm enthusiast. Got Koji, Kimchi or a Kombucha questions, Melissa’s got you.

Thomas Clauson

Creative Director

Project Manager, IT Wiz, Guitar Player, SCUBA Fiend, Boat Captain. Oh! Ask him about meeting John Cusack. He's got stories.


Asher Koch

Lead Designer

Seattle Native, Passionate Boulderer, 90's Hip Hop Head, Gear Nerd, and general lover of the outdoors.

Melissa Kramer

Operations & Traffic Guru

Cat Mom, Lover of all Seattle Sports Teams, Live Music Enthusiast and Avid Fiction Reader.


Christina Merwin

Team Assistant

Problem Solver, Wearer of Many Hats. Paper Master, Artist and Poet, Her heart goes into every task!